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What People Are Saying

β€œI can honestly say David is one of the very best managers I've ever worked with.

David displays excellent people skills, a refreshingly positive outlook and an incredible level of commitment to his role, to the company as a whole and to each and every colleague.

All of these qualities befit a natural and successful leader. I would more than welcome the opportunity to work with David again in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any managerial position.”

Chris ForrestTechnical Account Manager, Viva

β€œI worked with David during my time at Bullhorn and he is the type of leader I’d be happy to be supported by anytime. He reacts well to high-pressure situations and does an excellent job taking away impediments that may harm his teams well being or performance. I also found him excellent in defusing difficult situations in customer relations which is an invaluable skill in his line of work to aid his colleagues and raise his employers' reputation. Any leader like him will always help moving forward, not to mention, a very pleasant person to work with. Keep up the good work and thank you!”

Andras DakoSenior Software Developer, Earthly

β€œDavid was my first manager when I worked for the technical team at IT Genie. David was crucial in my technical development and improving my IT skills seeing as I was fresh out of college. He was always on hand to assist me during the technical courses I took on, as well as helping me to develop my customer service skills.

I would highly recommend David to anyone, he is very approachable and understanding, and has always pushed me to achieve my best. ”

Charlie LuckBusiness Development Manager, Focus Group

β€œDavid was my go-to and Mentor as I was entering the IT sector and learning the ropes. He was always available, supportive, and knowledgeable. We worked on various projects together and he was a very positive person, driven, and able to execute effectively. David is a great leader and I would work with him again in the future. ”

Liam HopwoodSystems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

β€œDavid is a highly motivated and knowledgeable tech leader. He’s a great guy who excels in sharing his knowledge and experience with his peers and speaks confidently at the level of his audience. Always a pleasure to deal with.”

Dan BakerEngineering Manager, DeskPro

β€œDavid is really knowledgeable about leadership, he demonstrates great ethics and build great rapport with his clients. I worked with him for 2 months and achieved great success with his support. I would highly recommend him to others.”

Gerri Moore

β€œI find this newsletter insightful and practical. I also had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with David.”

Sebastian SorsaburuMD, Students of Leadership

β€œLearn to shift from managing to leading.”

Dr John KenworthyJoy @ Work

β€œDavid Marsh shares great leadership content. More importantly to me, his concepts are geared toward doing the right thing and helping others succeed.”

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