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What members say

“Every newsletter I read is my daily topic, thoughts and ideas that I need some guidance. So spot on and helpful. thank you!”

Rana YazdanDirector for Innovation

“I find this newsletter insightful and practical. I also had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with David.”

Sebastian Sorsaburu

“David Marsh shares great leadership content. More importantly to me, his concepts are geared toward doing the right thing and helping others succeed. For example, see “Helping Others to be Successful.” With so much focus these days on a me-first mentality, his ideas are refreshing!”

An Audience of One

“David, I love to read and learn from and with your inspirational messages. They are a pleasure to read, giving new insides, tools, awakening awareness for signs of unhappiness of team members( especially those who are not verbalising them, but slow the process and deliver merit results where I know they could be excellent). Seeking respectful and goal orientated exchange made the days so much more successful and fun and opened up new aspects of our daily tasks. You don't need to be a CEO to profit and enjoy this newsletter. It is of benefit to everyone being in charge of even the smallest of teams, or member of one of those not feeling happy and satisfied, or for those who want to make sure they provide and secure an atmosphere of well being. Apart from being informative David's newsletters are quite entertaining to read , too!”

Dr Michaela BeckerExec Coach